Window Tint Services in Palm Springs

Ivan’s Window Tinting delivers the best in window tint services. We have whatever you need to make your home or office become more comfortable. We even carry 3M products which are known to be the best. So if you’re tired of paying those high energy bills, you can come to us as we’ll meet your needs with products such as window films and tinting for residential and commercial use.

Ivan’s Window Tinting has been around since 1991 and can help to increase your property’s energy efficiency, appearance and also security. We want your windows to look exactly the way you want but with better protection.

Your windows let in a lot of light, which provides beautiful vies as well. The sunlight that enters through can also damage your interior and raise your energy bills. This will take away from the beautiful scenery and replace it with dread.

Our products can prevent you from becoming frustrated about the state of your windows, security in your business and the future of your windows whenever a bad storm passes through.

Residential Tinting

Residential Window Tint Services

We often forget that our windows are what seals out the cold air in the winter and warmth in the summertime. One of the many benefits to residential tinting your home’s widows is a reduction in energy costs. You’ll be able to minimize heat loss and have more consistent temperatures in the Palm Springs home.

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Commercial Tinting

Commercial Window Tinting in Palm Springs, CA

Tint can be light or dark. Depending on your commercial tinting preferences, tint can range as it blocks the sun and reduces glare. By reducing the amount of heat penetrating through office windows, rooms are easier to cool as the sun doesn’t get in the way.

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Security Film

Window Security Film

Storms can strike without warning. During a storm, flying debris and other things can break the glass to a storefront leaving you with quite then mess to clean up and not to mention extensive damages. Protective security film helps to resist against the excessive forces caused by inclement weather.

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3M Window Tint Products

3M Window Tint Products in Palm Springs, CA

The more windows you have in your building, the better the benefits are to having 3M window tint products installed. You will have total control over the temperatures in your commercial building whether you’re trying to heat up the office or make sure that your customers are comfortable.

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For better safety and security in the home, make sure that you take advantage of our window tint services. We carry a whole line of products and offer experienced installers.

If you are looking for a Palm Springs window tinting expert then please call 760-771-5161 or complete our online request form.

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They did a great job... I have nothing but good things to say about their sales team as well as the installers.[...]
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