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Ivan's Window Tinting - Palm Springs, CAIvan’s Window Tinting provides the latest in 3M technology as far as window films for both residential and commercial usage throughout the Southern California area. There’s no reason to shop anywhere else because at Ivan’s Window Tinting, we have the window tinting you need. We have been tinting since 1991 and still saving home and business owners money today.

Films and tint for windows are strong as they need to hold up against the hot California sun. Our products provide the necessary safety and security that all family and homeowners need. In order to increase your property’s energy efficiency; we use only the best and strongest tints and films.

Quality is something that we stand behind all of our products with. Your home or business tends to absorb a great deal of heat from being exposed to direct sunlight. This happens on a daily basis in Palm Springs.

Light that enters through the home or office tends to stand a chance of fading on the carpeting, furniture and artwork. Window films and tint can prevent that from occurring and also help to reduce glare.

As for commercial properties, we work on a much larger scale. Large glass displays and doors tend to absorb mass amounts of heat. This causes higher energy bills and also less comfort for employees and consumers.

Our products help disallow up to 60% of the heat coming through the windows. This will save your business lots of money by cutting down on energy spending. You’ll notice a lower monthly bill and yearly savings too.

Whenever you need more comfort in your residential home or commercial business, you can guarantee that window tinting is what you need. Ivan’s Window Tinting provides you with quality products at competitive prices.

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